About Hackers Camp

"False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil." -- Plato

"Hackers" : What does the word Hackers mean?

"Camp" : Like some boot camp that improve and learn to you some survival technics pushing you to your limits, we do same with you, to bring you to as far as possible in CS to robotics

Different field of sciences will be view from computer sciences to mechatronics, which mean that we use different field of knowledge depending of situations, from mechanical, electrical, telecommunications, remote control, design, chemical to computer sciences.

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We consider the wiki as a foundamental space for sharing about your own experience and from other.

The wiki share about most of technologies we use everyday from material to software and how make your own.

To request a writing access ping us on irc.freenode.net #hackers-camp

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We also invite you to get time to search on WWW which contain lot of precious information, and many one of the best just in your computer, the manual of the software you want to masterize!

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'''We use Ftp and git'''

You can download directly some of our codes directly from the FTP

You can also visit our GIT repositories!


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You can meet us on irc.freenode.net #Hackers-camp

Most of things we share are free software, we discuss about free software and which one to use to fit best with your needs.

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Legal Information

Hackers Camp is the outdoor side of the Free Software Corsica

Hackers Lab is the indoor side of the Free Software Corsica

Identification R.N.A. : W2A4000701 Published at the JO (Official French Gov Paper Information) March the 27 2010

Identification E.U. : 48003714720-96 Registered at the register of interest representatives of the European Commission

EU-Register Hackers Lab

Hackers Camp is a Registered LibreMark